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  • Item #: MDR-570

Prevents Ethanol Problems • E10/15 fuel conditioner & stabilizer •  Enhances engine performance and fuel economy. 

Fuel containing ethanol has lower combustibility thereby reducing fuel economy and engine performance. Ethanol also has an affinity for water or condensation right out of the humid air brought in through the fuel tank vent. Un-checked, this can lead to phase separation, fuel system corrosion, clogged carburetor jets or injectors, filters and ultimately engine breakdowns. Left in the fuel tank for over 30 days, E-10/15 will begin to degrade causing gum and sludge to form, clogging filters. 

PEP Fuel Conditioner will eliminate all of these problems, revitalizing engine performance in 2 or 4 cycle engines that use ethanol (E-10/15) gas. PEP contains antioxidants, de-gummers, metal deactivators, corrosion preventative compounds and stabilizers to fight ethanol problems. PEP also addresses the phase separation problem caused by excess water accumulation. Economical to use “in season” with 1oz treating 10 gallons of gas and 1oz to 5 gallons for long term storage.

PEP  does not contain any ethanol nor methanol.

8 fl. oz.

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